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Our Private Guided Birding Tours of India are a cut above the usual group tours. A group tour, to be fair, has its plusses. To team up with other birders, to share knowledge and experiences, and to forge new friendships can perk up your India birding holiday in more ways than you may expect. Yet, there’s something to be said for the privacy, peace, and freedom of a birding trip that is dedicated exclusively to you or your group of family and friends.

That’s what our Private Guided India Birding Tours do. They take away the intrusiveness of other group members who may be too nosy for your comfort. Even from the birdwatching point of view, a private guided tour makes the grade. It frees you from the compulsion of keeping up with other birders when you are busy in the field. On a private tour, you don’t have to worry about falling behind others while waiting for an elusive bird that may take its own sweet time to show up. Nor do you feel tied up when others choose to wait, but you want to move on.

Our Private Guided Birding Trips of India let you set the pace for your birdwatching excursions and choose the time you want to spend at a site. This arrangement works perfectly for those who want to birdwatch solo, or with a group of select friends or family members. Besides privacy and freedom, you or your group also get the undivided attention of our guides and support staff. And with so much working out in your favour and to your comfort, you can easily turn your India birdwatching trip into a personal holiday and adventure.

All our birding tour packages – even the short ones – can be converted into Private Guided Tours upon request. We cover every corner of the country and offer multiple tour options in some of the best birding destinations of India.

Take Rajasthan, for instance. The royal state in the west of India often tops the wishlist of tourists looking for an experience of Indian exotica, but if you look beyond the ramparts of ancient forts and palaces, you find many avifauna habitats with great potential for birdwatching. The Keoladeo National Park, formerly known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, is the most famous haunt for birders. Yet there are little known places, such as the rural hamlets of Sonkhaliya, Phalodi or Khichan, which are just as good birding hotspots of Rajasthan, but often escape one’s notice. We string together these birding sites in different tour plans of our Rajasthan Private Guided Birding Tours and also throw in a sightseeing visit to the Taj Mahal.

Just to the south of Rajasthan, Gujarat has the most extraordinary setting for birdwatching. In the Rann of Kutch, vast salty mudflats stretch out for hundreds of miles, and marshy wetlands in them attract huge flocks of migratory birds every winter. A little way out into the Gulf of Kutch, the Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary has a unique geographic co-incidence of freshwater and saltwater lakes situated side by side. Around 300 bird species have been spotted here and they are certainly the targets of our Gujarat Private Guided Birding Tour.

For a truly astounding bird count, you must look to the northeast. Over seventy percent of the total Indian bird species have been spotted in the Himalayan foothills, rainforests, valleys, lakes, and many wildlife and bird sanctuaries of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya and Nagaland.

Our Northeast India Private Guided Tour spans three of these states for hundreds of Himalayan and tropical bird species. The Assam and Mishmi Hills Private Guided Tour narrows it down to two states, but focusses on the bird-rich sites of Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary and Jeypore Forest Range of Assam, and the Mishmi Hills of Arunachal. Narrowing it down further, we have the Eaglenest Arunachal Private Guided Birding Tour that explores the heights of Sela Pass, Mandala Pass and also cuts through the best birding trails of the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary and Nameri National Park. Embedded within some of these tours are excursions to the birding sites of Meghalaya and Nagaland as well.

One of the most fascinating birding hotspots of India is not in the country’s mainland but hundreds of miles off the coast in the Bay of Bengal. The archipelago of Andaman and Nicobar Islands is home to over a dozen endemic bird species that can be seen only here. The isolation of the islands has kept these birds exclusive to this region. Our Andaman Private Guided Birding Tour targets these very endemic birds and even some exotic avian specialties from Southeast Asia. For a greater variety of endemic birds, you can even choose our South India and Andamans Private Guided Tour, which adds to Andamans the birding sites of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala in South India.

For an expedition dedicated to the endemic birds of South India, you can’t go wrong with our Western Ghats Endemics Private Guided Birding Tour. Apart from the stunning locations – such as the hill station of Munnar and the spice plantations of Cardamom Hills – this tour stands out for the sheer bird count, particularly in Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, which is such a high-yielding site that India’s eminent ornithologist Salim Ali once hailed it as the richest bird habitat in Peninsular India.

North India, too, makes for a unique birding destination. Ladakh, the land of high passes located in the Great Himalayas, has some pristine high-altitude lakes that host several rare species of waders. Birdwatching at Tso Moriri or Tso Kar is like birding on the roof of the world. The elevation rises upward of 4000 meters, and a particular pass called Khardung La takes you to 5359 meters where oxygen is thin, but birding potential is immense. Our Ladakh Private Guided Birding Tour unravels like a Himalayan adventure.

For birding in Lower Himalayas, we recommend our North India Private Guided Birding Tour on which you get to scour the birding trails at India’s Pheasant capital Pangot, at the seven-lake hill station of Sat Tal, and at the famed Jim Corbett National Park where, besides watching birds, you go on multiple tiger safaris.

All our India Private Guided Birding Tours have been designed after distilling decades of birding experience across the country. We choose for you the best birding trails of India and all the designated Important Birding Areas, so that you get plenty of sightings, including many rare ones, while fully enjoying the privacy of your Indian vacation.

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