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About Us – What Makes Us A Cut Above The Rest

India Birding Tours was founded out of love for birds. Around the year 2004, our founding member Gaurav Kataria set about travelling throughout India and photographing birds of every species he came upon. On this expedition, he was joined by avid birders from Europe who soon became his friends and co-conspirators in pushing the idea of affordable birding in India for all. Thus, India Birding Tours was hatched.

Over the years, we have grown, evolved and expanded from a fledgling enterprise to a round-the-year Indian birding holiday tour operator with an enviable record of successful tours for bird-watchers, photographers and vacationers from all over the world.

Here is what makes us a cut above the rest:


Very few other bird tour operators can cover India like we do. Our reach goes from north to south, east to west, and extends all the way to the remote and mostly out-of-bounds Andaman Islands, an unexplored haven for birders.


Our private guided and customized India birding trips give you a whole host of options to choose from. We can add nature walks, birding with camera, fishing breaks, culture trips, and a lot more to your Indian birding holiday. Our itineraries are drawn up from decades of experience in the field.


Our guides bring with them a wealth of knowledge about birds. Being avid birders and photographers, they lead you to the best birding spots and are at ease waiting long hours for the birds you want to see. They give you space, but are always at hand if you need help.


Our business model is designed to include local communities in birding tours, and a decent chunk of what we earn goes into these communities. Our community initiatives in Northeast India have actually changed many lives for the better.