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Mandala is an unknown birder's paradise. Located in West kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh, the vegetation includes tropical evergreen forest in Lower areas & Coniferous forest in Higher reaches , there is wide range of forest habitat ranging from altitude of 1500 mts to 3600 mts.

Mandala area has rainforests, Bamboo forest ,broadleaf forests, pine forests and many other features that provide diverse habitats. As a whole Mandala & its surrounding areas is mountainous region which covers parts of lower , Middle & greater Himalayas, this range of altitude make it's a biodiversity hot spot ( which is yet of studied)

In the higher reaches of Mandala there are some natural lakes, which are located at an altitude of 3000 mts & above.

This eastern Himalayan endemic area has no defined boundaries & none of these areas are protected. But for sure it's gold mine a birders & Photographers , as wildlife Spotting & Photography is much easier compared to other dense areas of Arunachal Pradesh.

Mandala " is simply a birders Paradise & A Biodiversity hot spot " Our lodge is located at a altitude of 3000 mts , with abundance of natural life in Surrounding areas while on your tour visit Magic Birding & Hiking Circuit, or come spend your vacation to Arunachal-either way you will get to enjoy the Himalayan beauty and its unique natural diversity.

The surrounding areas of " Mandala Birdling Lodge " has wide range of Forest Habitat , you can go birding at in lower Thick forested areas to High altitude forest & lakes, Due to our perfect location birders & Photographers have access to Birding range of high number of birds species and there are wondrous sights and sounds for all.


Rooms in our single-story lodge features clean & basic conveniences and spectacular views of the adjacent forested valley. At Mandala Lodge we have 4 spacious rooms with attached toilets, All rooms have large windows for natural light & spectacular view of Snowcapped Himalayas.


At Mandala , we provide room accommodation on single / Double & triple sharing basis . Each room has proper beds and Thick sleeping mats. Blankets & Quilts.

All rooms at Mandala have attached toilets ( western commode ) with Bathing facilities . Bathing will be by bucket and mug. Toilet paper, soap and towels will be provided. Hot water buckets will be provided for washing.

Meals, Drinking water and Beverages

We will provide all meals ( Breakfast / Lunch & Dinner ). There will be a separate dining area for dining and multipurpose use. If you have any diet restrictions or are a vegetarian, do inform us.

Early morning in camp

Bed Tea on waking.Coffee is available as a substitute if demanded.

Drinking water

Drinking water provided, will be from local springs, after filtering . If you are particular about using only bottled water, Than it can arranged on request at extra cost.

Light / Electricity & Phone connectivity

Mandala Birding lodge is located far for human settlement therefore there is no Govt electric supply in the area , to charge for batteries we have solar charging facilities , also we have solar charged lamps to light up your tents.

At Mandala, therefore there is limited phone connectivity , there are few point within the camp area where one can find the phone connectivity. We advise BSNL connections as you can connect easily with BSNL connections.

Lodge Features

Get ready for the birding experience of a lifetime with our local native birding guides and bilingual natural guides. The native guides speak minimal English, but know the name of all the birds, and more importantly, how to find them and their calls.


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